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i have what it takes!

Name: Kelsey
Any nicknames?: Kel, Kels
Age: 14
Sign: Cancer
Location: Norton, Va
School: Burton
Play any sports?: Swimming, tennis, track, cheerleading.. etc
Sexuality: straight
Relationship Status: single/talkin` to someone though
Righty or Lefty?: righty

Eye color: brown
Natural Hair Color: brown
Current Hair Color: brown
Braces?: nope
Glasses or Contacts?: nope

Song(s): oasis-wonderwall, blink 182-i miss you, all-american rejects-swing swing
Movie(s): the butterfly effect, collateral
Actor(s): Ashton Kutcher
Actress(es): Brittany Murphy
Band(s): blink 182, all american rejects, good charlotte, etc..
Word(s): yeah, what, okay * lol
Thing(s) To Do: hang out with friends.. all that jazz
Name(s): brittany, amber, kristina
Number(s): 7
Sport(s): tennis, track

What is your definition of love?: it`s so hard to explain. you go to sleep with this person on your mind, & wake up with them on your mind. no matter how far away you are, or how long it`s been since you`ve seen them, they`re all you think about & you wouldn`t do anything to hurt them.
What do you think about Michael Jackson?: i liked him better before he changed himself so much, but some good music.
Which do you prefer.. AOL/ICQ/MSN/Yahoo/other?: i like icq & yahoo messenger
What is/are your biggest fear(s)?: clowns, hate `em.. & heights
You may not know her but, what do you think about

x2cutex?: don`t know `er, but i`m sure she`s a nice person
Promote the community & give a link to prove it:

i`m the one in the orange & blue striped shirt

one on the left*

on the right *

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